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Posted by Irish Veterans on Tuesday 7 February 2017
The World Famous Fighting Shamrocks ... More

Posted by Irish Veterans on Thursday 12 February 2015
[Des Ekin : Monday, February 9, 2015, 16:49] Conflict was the last throw of the dice for Hugh O’Neill, Juan del Águila and Charles Blount On a stormy Christmas Eve in 1601, three men faced each other across the blasted battleground of Kinsale in an epic confrontation that would decide the fate of a nation. The invading Spanish commander Juan del Águila, ... More

Posted by Irish Veterans on Saturday 10 January 2015
[Posted in Irish Time (9th January 2015) :] The first time I went looking for the Memorial Gardens for the Irish dead of the Great War, almost no one in Kilmainham seemed to know where they were. The year was 1979, 80 years on from the Treaty of Versailles and after the meeting of the First Dáil, and the first shootings of the “Anglo-Irish War” (in which both sides were of course Irish). ... More