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Research Plan

A central goal of Irish Veterans is to carry out research and disseminate information on the Irish military experience around the Globe. The numbers of Irish involved in some of these conflicts was enormous- such as the c. 210,000 Irishmen who fought in the British Army during World War One, or the c. 200,000 Irishmen who served in Northern and Southern armies during the American Civil War. The numbers of Irish in other conflicts may have been more modest, but could nonetheless be extremely influential- take for example those who fought with Simón Bolívar in South America, or individuals such as William Brown, founder of the Argentinean Navy.

There are many facets of the international Irish military experience that we know a great deal about, but there is also much to learn. For many of these conflicts, we know little about the numbers of Irish involved, or how many of them paid the ultimate price.

  • What was the impact of conflict on the families of these international Irish?

  • What were the circumstances that led to their service?

  • What were their experiences before, during and after their service?

These are just some of the questions we are seeking to explore at Irish Veterans. Regular updates will be provided on our current research foci and new discoveries, as we seek to uncover the stories of these intriguing members of the Irish diaspora.